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Today’s market is flooded with the synthetic and simulant gem stones. As a layman you can not differentiate between Genuine (real) and non-genuine (duplicate) gem stones. To make you aware and help you to get the full value of your money spent on the gem stone NGL initiated its services in Ludhiana in April 2007. In NGL every gem goes under sophisticated tests with modern lab.instruments before certification. After the full observations, a GEM Identification Certificate (see the sample certificate) is issued showing the authenticity of the gem stone with the gem sealed in a small box with the details on the back of the box as well. Our Mission is to aware the layman against Synthetic (duplicate) gem stones. So, before buying a gem stone make sure it is certified by Navratan Gem Lab. If it is NGL certified, it is real and genuine gem stone. Always insist for NGL certified gem stone from the seller.
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Established in April 2007 Navratan Gem Lab is providing its services in the following fields:

Gemstones Identification: Specific Tests are conducted to find out whether the gemstones is Natural or Synthetic(man-made).Then certificate ,describing the properties of gemstone, is issued with picture of that particular gemstone.
Diamond Identification : Specific Tests are conducted to find out whether the Diamond is Natural or Synthetic(man-made).Then certificate ,describing the properties like Cut,Color,Clarity and Carat ,is issued with picture of that particular Diamond.
Diamond Grading: Required Tests conducted to Know which Grade the Diamond Belongs to. Grading depends upon the 4Cs of the diamond.Grading Report describes the quality of diamond which afterwards decides its price.
Diamond Jewellery Grading: Studded(Mounted) Diamond Jewellery ,of any kind , is Graded on the basis of quality of diamond studded in it.Then Report, with the details of clarity and color grade alongwith the picture of same Jewellery,is issued.
Rudraksha Identification: Rudraksha Authenticity Report is issued after the full verification of required tests.The report describes whether the faces(मुख) of rudraksha are natural or created. It also tells whether rudraksha is Original or Duplicate.

Working Hours
Monday – Saturday : 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
Sunday: As per prior appointment.