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Terms & Conditions

The Gemstone / Diamond / Gemstone or Diamond Jewellery identification Report issue by NGL is covered with following terms and conditions: Here jewellery means jewellery of any metal studded with Gemstones or diamonds or both.

  1. The issued certificate describes the properties of given gemstone / jewellery examined and analyzed by NGL with specialized instruments under 10X magnifications with corrected triplet loupe, Binocular Microscope, color master stone comparison, electronic carat balance, Dichroscope, Polariscope, Chelsea Filter, Refractometer, Spectroscope and ancillary instruments as necessary on the said date and time.
  2. The regular certificate does not indicate whether the stone has been treated or not to its present color by any process whatsoever, unless otherwise specified.
  3. The issued certificate is not a valuation or appraisal and does not pertain to the quality of the stone or its cut.
  4. The issued certificate is considered null and void if an alteration is made to the gemstone / jewellery or the report itself.
  5. In case the altered gemstone/ diamond / jewellery is re-certified the certificate wordings may be subject to change.
  6. NGL will not be held responsible for use of this report with any other similar appearing gemstone / diamond / jewellery.
  7. Neither NGL nor any of its employees shall be responsible for any action that may be taken on the basis of this report.
  8. The issued certificate is valid till the gem is sealed in box.
  9. The issued certificate is considered null and void if gemstone / jewellery is changed with similar appearing gemstone / jewellery shown in this report.
  10. During identification process, any breakage or damage of any kind to the gemstone / diamond / jewellery, the liability of NGL (in case of amount claimed by the client) will be limited to the amount of fee it receives in connection with this report.
  11. The Opinions may reasonably vary regarding characteristics covered in this report. Hence NGL or its any employee or member at any time may not be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other grading methods.This report can not be used for legal purpose.